• Luxury Audi A6
  • Multivan Volkswagen
  • Minibus Renault

Luxury Audi A6

Standard Series. LED headlamps, LED rearlights. 17″ alloy wheels. Lane departure warning system. Light and rain sensors. Front and read Audi parking system plus. Front and rear air-conditioning. Manual and automatic trunk opening. Occupants will enjoy a truly comfortable and elegant Audi experience. Leather seats. Large trunk.

Multivan Volkswagen

This comfortable 7-seater gives you and your fellow passengers plenty of room to spread out over three rows of seating. The multifunctional steering wheel allows the driver to control the GPS system, the radio, mobile phones, and vehicle speed via an easy-to-use interface. Seat height and angle can be adjusted to provide extra comfort to the driver, especially for long drives. Loading and unloading is easy thanks to the large trunk. There is plenty of storage space for luggage, and there is also a water-proof shelf in case of rain. The vehicle has air-conditioning, electric windows, and child-safety locks. Leather and swivel seats. Folding table. Individual air conditioning.

Minibus Renault

An ergonomic vehicle that is spacious and comfortable: optimal visibility, comfortable seating design, adjustable steering to adapt to driver’s position, sound-proofing and air-conditioning throughout as standard. Air conditioner. Large trunk.

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